South of New York

Bio: About me… I am married. We have mine his and ours, plus one. Nine wonderful amazing kids. Yes quite a bit of a big family. The three youngest are still at home. They will either keep me and my hubs young or ultimately drive us to our graves. Ahh but to love your children is unlike any other love. Well of course with the exception of grandchildren. I love to write, especially poetry. I love to draw using watercolors and if I'm not doing either then I’m probably busy with the family or cleaning or maybe I'm just sitting at my work station creating a new jewelry piece to put up on my Etsy shop OR if it’s the right time of the year I will be found gardening, LOVE gardening! Oh and we also have a gorgeous German Shepard named Thor, and a mainecoon mixed cat named Spike. My brilliant children named our pets of course. As much as our children promised that they would help clean after our pets prior to getting them, it is with much honor and humiliation that I became the lone master of such grand chores. Yay me. On 7/22/2018 my husband passed away due to 911 related illnesses. He was in the NYPD. He worked for months during the rescue than recovery efforts. They were all told the air was alright to breath. For 6 years he battled against the damage that doctors found in his bronchial tube and left lung from all the microscopic toxins he had breathed in. Rest In Peace my love.❤️🌹❤️ Forever in our hearts. Until we meet again 💔

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