Ominous auras surround the clouds

A makeshift rainbow in the sky

Waves of mist come looming down

Clouded thoughts, clouding my sight

Ten thousand pieces to a puzzle

Testing my ingenuity I’m mystified

Answers are near yet they elude me

Dreamscapes within a raging storm, as I

Embrace the calmness in the eye of chaos

I will extract every meaning

And I will remain

as I contemplate



There are times when I close my eyes

And colors of the universe come to sight

(It’s never what it seems to be, full of viilvid colors and wondrous secrets)

And than some times when I dream

A black hole swallows me by surprise

Do I think it is all but a vivid imagery

Could it all be an illusion intensified

My instincts tell me otherwise

Can I endure the darkness in my mind?



The universe, it expands (infinitely) for infinity

Take a closer look, since you seem to know more than all books bound together.

Tell me now, is it me or is it my intuition

Humor me, tell me I might just have some insight

No no no, the world is not what it seems

It’s just a movie rolling past us, one frame at a single time

Pay attention or you might not catch a glimpse of what is hidden in between

-In between each frame

A never ending carousel

—-to be cont’d



My mind wandered off as I looked at the picturesque skies

Drifting in and out of a magnificent illusion