It’s the changes in the era of new generations, the

Generations changing the era

No human is perfect

We each carry our unique scars of pain and sin

We are but of flesh and blood (and bones)

With a conscience

With free will

It will not be an easy task

Our hearts and minds and souls

Do the weighing and determine through time

Whom we shall choose to be

The paths we shall choose to take

We have weaknesses

We have strengths

We are blessed with more than we can acknowledge

We can overcome if we choose to

Or we can succumb

But I tell you, take the more narrow road

Take the harder road, the road less traveled

Do not take the easy path

For it holds no valuable lessons or no strengths to gain

And though at times you might feel abandoned and forgotten and cold

It is than you will hopefully know enough to reach deep within yourself

And find that there has always been numerous doors to exit and others waiting to help you out and restart

For it is never ever too late

Unless “too late” beats you to the finish line… and that my child might be the end to this one gift; this journey called life

We can fight through the hardest most difficult times but at some point we will need each other and “needing” each other is a strength we need to accept.



As the river starts to dry out

The rain shall refurbish it

As the ocean waves start to retreat

My tears will fall upon the ocean

I can not stop my tears

They continue to fall